Day 1 In My New Home:

Moving in day was a nerve wracking day (the conventional feelings of anticipation of course) however, for some reason I was expecting the unexpected. I was nervous, shaky and uneasy in such an ambiguous situation, but I soon felt some ease when I befriended my lovely flat mates. Welcoming, kind and warm, they swiftly settled me in and made me feel part of ‘Red Flat 4’ (typical I was the last flat member to arrive). Before I knew it, we were chatting and having fun over dinner with a calming glass of Prosecco to celebrate a new beginning. (I mean, what’s a better way to bond with new people?). From then on, we spent our first night giggling and gossiping and creating friendships I knew would last a lifetime.
Day 1 At Uni:
My first day at Uni. I was scared.  A new place, new people and a new building I had to navigate myself around (I’ve never been good at finding my way around if I’m honest). The whole new experience was overwhelming, but do you know what kept me ‘keeping ma cool’?  The fact every first year student was in this together. No one was alone. Suddenly I knew I could do it. Everyone on my course seemed great, so many different people from so many different backgrounds. It was a small bunch but I knew we would all get on just fine. We went through all the crucial ‘icebreaker activities’ I think every new student dreads; the awkwardness as we make ‘small talk’ and ask “So how many siblings do you have?” before we make judgement on whether to keep talking to them or not. (May I add, I really did thoroughly enjoy meeting and talking to every PR student, and I can’t wait to get to know them even more). As the day went on, the awkwardness lessened and a happy and friendly atmosphere grew, and that was when I knew it was going to be a good week.
…Day 7 Of My New Life As A PR Student:
It’s now the end of the week and as I write my FIRST blog I feel exhausted but also proud – I have achieved something I never thought I would. I have completed my first week as new PR student and now I’m ready to embrace the challenging yet exciting career in PR that lays ahead. Bring it on.