Photo Credit: Jessica Ruscello

Kicking off Third Year with a Positive Mental Attitude

When I think right back to the beginning of my PR degree, I remember everyone said to me “The next three years will fly by” and honestly, this is the most accurate statement EVER. These three years are most definitely flying by and if I’m honest, sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up.

I don’t want this blog to bore you and tell you everything you need to do to prepare for your final year of studies, but I do want to offer my honest opinion of what I find helpful and also some things that really do suck. So, let’s rewind and start from the beginning.

Four weeks ago, I started my third year of PR studies and I didn’t quite anticipate how fast I would need to get my head into gear. From dissertation meetings to choosing teams for upcoming assignments, my first week was overwhelming to say the least. As the weeks rolled by, I sometimes felt as if I was suffocating under the workload but actually in reality, I was just managing my time poorly and I was being completely over-dramatic (typical me).

One thing I definitely didn’t realise was how fast I would be starting my dissertation, and this really frightened me. The thought of writing 10,000 words made me feel like I was never going to graduate. If I could suggest you take one top tip away from this blog, it would be that in whatever you do, don’t let panic paralyse you! In other words, don’t bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away. Believe me, procrastination is the devil.

Apart from all the amazing things I have been learning in class, the first four weeks of my final year have taught me that sometimes it is OK to not be OK. I feel like so many of us put pressure on ourselves to do well and to study 24/7 whilst also having a social life, go to work, and take time to relax. We feel if we can’t do all of this then we are failing. I want to reassure you that you are most definitely not failing and instead, you should take a moment to reflect on everything you have achieved to get where you are now! Whether you’re in your first year of study or your last, you’ve had to work hard to be where you are, and you should be proud.

So, what I suppose I am trying to say it that yes, third year is already hard (and is going to get a lot harder) but by taking the time to look after myself, this will help me stay organised, motivated and have a positive mental attitude for the year ahead! Don’t forget, you are never alone, it’s important to rely on your support networks for a little pick me up every now and then.

If you have any great tips that help you de-stress, I would love to hear them!

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